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Tips for Sunrise Doer's

Fore Corners Golf Club - Tips for Safety at the golf course
Tips for Sunrise Doer’s For your safety and pleasure ♦   Bring plenty of water, your cell phone or pad and pencil when you are walking or running on our workout trail, 9-hole golf course, tennis, pickleball and racketball courts here at Sunrise Lakes.♦   It is also a clever idea to have a sun/rain umbrella – and pay careful attention to the weather forecast.♦   Watch out for cars that do not understand how to slow down and look for joggers, golfers, walkers and wear bright reflective clothing at night.  Bring a flashlight with you.♦    ♦   AVOID  the edge of the water, don’t get too close, no swimming  allowed.    Watch out for wild animals in and out of the water – they live here too! ♦   Do not go in barefeet since we do have fire ants, hornets and spiders – all of which can result in nasty stings and bites on your feet and legs.♦   Please do not feed the wildlife.  They may look cute and cuddly however they can become aggressive and do not need any further encouragement from us humans!
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