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Rules & Regulations


The following Rules & Regulations will go in effect January 2024. The new established guest pass fee will be $3.00. The Annual satellite guest pass will remain the same, $20.


 In order to gain entrance to any Recreation Facility, it will be necessary for each person to display his/her own Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Member I.D. card, or Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Guest Pass, to the Security Guard on duty, each time it is requested. Members and others who do not abide by regulations may be reques

 To ensure the enjoyment of all community facilities, all persons using the Recreation Facilities shall conduct themselves in a courteous manner, with due respect for the rights of other guests to enjoy said facilities. 

(Addendum Adopted September 19, 2023)

  • Members must make their guests aware of the rules and regulations governing the clubhouse and satellite areas.
  • Members will be held responsible for guests' actions and/or damages. The main clubhouse and satellites are monitored by security as well as 24 hour camera surveillance.
  • Discrimination will not be tolerated based on religion, race, nationality, orientation, or gender.
  • Illegal substance are strictly prohibited.
  • Firearms or other weapons are prohibited in the building.
  • Courtesy and consideration of others is expected. Avoid disturbances during meetings, movies, exercise classes, craft classes and other events.
  • Fighting, violent actions, threatening behaviors, altercations, theft, or inappropriate sexual behaviors are prohibited on the premises.
  • Gambling is prohibited. Non gambling board and card games are permissible.
  • Clubhouse hours are posted. No one should be on premises except during open hours.
  • Vehicles are not to be left in the parking lot for 24 hours without special permission from the District Manager. 
  • No vehicle maintenance in parking lot.
  • All owners and guests should clean up after themselves.
  • The Clubhouse address cannot be used as a personal mailing address.
  • Any other conduct or behavior which interferes with the principles and objectives of Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Recreation District Main Clubhouse and Satellites is prohibited and will not be tolerated.


These Rules & Regulations have been established to maintain a safe and inclusive place for Owners, Guests and Visitor.  Violations of The Rules & Regulations can or may result in suspension of use of facilities including the barring from the Recreation District facilities for a period of time depending on the severity of the infraction. Disciplinary action will be determined by the District Manager.

Please report infractions to the District Manager, or directly on the District website under the tab "Contact Us" Confidentiality will be respected for all parties involved. Infractions that break the law will be enforced by the City of Sunrise Police Departmented to leave the premises and may be subject to a suspension of their privileges for 30 days per incident Note: owners must accompany guests under the age 16. (Also see Satellite Clubhouse Rules, attached).

2.       Casual attire is permissible in the Clubhouse; however, all persons are required to wear shoes and a garment over a bathing suit while in the Clubhouse. No wet bathing suits are allowed in the Clubhouse. Bathing suits even with coverups are not allowed at indoor events. Please dress appropriately for the occasion or event that you are attending.

3.       All persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all recreation areas. (see specific rules attached for main clubhouse, pool, sauna and spa)

5.       Food and drinks may be consumed at organized events and gatherings, in designated areas only. Attendees are required to leave the area clean at all times. Clear tables and properly dispose of all trash. No other cooking apparatus may be brought in or used in any facility. Alcohol consumption on the premises is not recommended. Alcohol is allowed for personal consumption only. No cases or kegs allowed. Please drink responsibly. Drink at your own risk.

6.       Animals are prohibited in all Recreation areas (i.e., pool, pool deck, food preparation and food service areas). ADA Service Animals are permitted in all areas except inside of the pools / hot tub.

7.       No Smoking or use of other tobacco products is permitted indoors, in pool areas or at any Recreation facility. This includes use of e-cigarettes. (Please see Policies Pool/Spa Rules for outdoor tobacco restrictions)

8.       The Recreation facilities shall not be used by any organization or group without the express written consent, of the Board of Supervisors and Social Director. Approval will be based upon availability, the organization or group’s agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the District, and the policies contained herein.

9.       Charging of personal electric scooters, hybrid or electronic auto mobiles etc. are not allowed at any recreation facility.

10.   Car washing or detailing is not allowed on any Recreation facility premises.

11.   A member may show the clubhouse facilities to any guest without a guest pass by leaving his/her I.D. card with front desk Guard for up to 20 minutes.



ID Cards will be issued in the Clubhouse on Monday through Friday during regular office hours, up to a half hour before closing. Cards will also be issued on Saturdays during posted office hours. Please check newsletter calendar or website for scheduled Saturdays before arriving.

NOTE: ID Cards will not be mailed. Members and others must obtain cards in person. Do not alter cards in any way. Information on the face of the card must be complete. Altered cards will not be honored. The Board of Supervisors has the right to suspend clubhouse or other recreation privileges when use of a card is abused and for non-payment of membership fees. There are 4 types of Recreation District Member ID cards as described below. Pictures of ID cards or Guest Passes on smartphones are NOT acceptable.

R-Member ID Card

·       ID Cards with an "R" designation are issued to all condo owners with more than one owner listed on the deed. In order to obtain an R card, an individual must be reflected on the Master database maintained by the district accountant. Additions to this database are provided by each of the three condo associations' property management companies when a warranty deed is provided to the property manager's office and temporary ID's are issued.

SR-Member ID Card

·       This type of card is issued to a condo owner when only one owner is listed on the deed. In these instances, one guest may accompany the holder of an SR card at any time.

DR Member ID Card

·       This type of card is issued to a non-owner condo resident when a domicile application has been filed with the appropriate condo property management company and an ID authorization has been provided to the applicant. A DR card has all the benefits of an owner except voting and speaking in District and Association matters.

LR-Member ID Card

·       This type of card is issued to a lease-holder non-owner condo resident when a lease application has been filed with the appropriate condo property management company and an ID authorization has been provided to the applicant. An LR card has all the benefits of an owner except voting on District and Association matters.

Lost Cards – Fees

·       A replacement fee of $25.00 per lost card will be charged for all replacement ID cards. (Except if accompanied by a police report indicating that it was stolen)


Owners may purchase guest passes at the main clubhouse office security desk. Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by the registered unit owner at all times at all satellite facilities.  Guest under the age of 18 must be accompanies by the registered unit owner at all times at the main clubhouse.

ID Cards and Passes must be shown by everyone upon entering the Clubhouse and shown to the roving Security Guard upon request at the satellites. Owners may purchase a maximum of 4 guest passes per condo per day, for ordinary daily use at a cost of $3.00 per pass. Due to limited space at the main clubhouse only 4 guest per day, accompanied by an owner, will be allowed the use of the main clubhouse indoor facilities. The $3 guest passes can be used at all facilities. The $20 laminated guest passes can only be used at the satellite facilities and cannot be used for entry to any facilities in the Clubhouse.

Guest Pass Costs

1.   Ages - Infant through 10 years - Free (Limit for free passes is 4 per family. Anything over 4 free passes must be purchased at guest rate.)

2.   Ages –11 to adult - $3.00 per guest pass


Clubhouse Guest Passes are for the use of the pool, gym, billiard room, and any other area where an event is taking place, during the clubhouse regular hours. Use of the ballroom and theater when an event is not taking place is prohibited. The use of the spa and sauna is limited to guests 18 and over.

Guests 18 and over are allowed to use the clubhouse unaccompanied. All guests 18 and over must present a photo ID which matches the name on the guest pass. Security will register the owner’s name, building, unit number and guest name on their daily visitors log, so please make sure your guest has that information and a photo ID.


Satellite Annual Guest Passes and Daily Clubhouse passes are for the use of the satellite facilities and pools.  Guests 18 and over are allowed to use the satellite facilities unaccompanied. All guests 18 and over must present a photo ID which matches the name on the guests pass.


Use of Recreation Facilities (clubhouse, pools, tennis courts, etc.) is restricted to Residents who are current with their maintenance fees and to their guests with Guest Passes. These uses are also extended to holders of DR and LR cards.


Entry will be granted only to those presenting a Sunrise Lakes Recreation District valid ID or a Guest Pass. ID / Pass must be presented to Front Desk Security Guard for verification. Access will be denied to anyone not in possession of a valid Sunrise Lakes Recreation District ID or Guest Pass. Driver Licenses are unacceptable in lieu of a Sunrise Lakes Recreation District ID. Owners with past due maintenance balance will be denied entry to all recreation facilities.

Roving Security Guards are instructed to verify the possession of an ID card or Guest Pass at Satellites, Clubhouse and Pools and the identity of any professional service personnel as designated by the Board or Management Company for ALL persons on Recreation District property. This is required whether you or your guest(s) are in the satellite clubhouse, on the pool deck, or in the pool.

If you or your guest(s) are in the pool, you are required to either get out of the pool to show the ID or to leave it in sight of the Security Guard. The Security Guard will not go into your pool bag or any other place to look for your ID. Anyone not complying will be asked to leave the recreation property.

DO NOT send your guest(s) to facilities without a valid Guest Pass. Copies of ID or cell phone images of ID or guest pass are not acceptable. Driver licenses are not an acceptable form of Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 ID as it is not issued by the SLP4 Recreation District/ Association.


Notices, advertisements, signs, solicitations, etc. may not be posted anywhere on Recreation District property, except on bulletin boards designated for member/resident use. On every satellite bulletin board is a monthly calendar listing of parties, club or building meeting usage. Captains’ meetings will be updated as needed. This information is also listed on the Recreation website:


A Satellite can be used for a club or owner-sponsored event. Satellites CANNOT be used for PAID events or SALES events. Satellites can be used for special purposes such as celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Satellite rentals does not include use of the pool. Satellites can be rented for up to 5 hours. These events MUST be scheduled at least 10 days in advance IN PERSON and approved through the main office by reservation of an owner showing a valid Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 ID. These events cannot be attended by more than one half the posted satellite building capacity, or a maximum of 50 guests’ whichever number is lower. Events must be pre-arranged as previously stated and cannot be private, as to building use. Recreation District members and their guests cannot be denied access to the satellite. These events can only be reserved during the normal posted hours for the Main Clubhouse office.

The owner who reserves a facility must be present for the duration of the event. The owner assumes all liability for his or her guests during the event. All members must submit proof of their homeowner’s insurance policy. Failure to produce the insurance coverage 5 days before the event, will result in cancellation of the reservation.

All vendors participating in the events, such as performer, bands, DJ’s, entertainers, caterers, and servers etc., will require insurance naming the district as an additional insured. (See Social Director for wording needed for this additional insurance.)

Use of facilities for a Bereavement is a special situation and will be at the Social Director’s sole discretion.

Facility reservations for Satellites will be limited to 4 times per calendar year for each residential unit / club / group. Satellite events must be over and cleared no later than 9:00 PM unless approved by the Board and/or Social Director in advance in writing. Request made for extended 10:30 PM end time, must be approved in writing by the Social Director. The member will be responsible for the additional security cost. Payments must be paid in advance, at the time of the reservation. Security cost of $50 is nonrefundable.

A list of all guests must be provided to the Social Director to be able to purchase guest passes. All satellite guests must have a Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Resident ID or a paid guest pass.

In all events the satellite must be cleaned and ready to close at the time noted on the reservation. The reservations for satellite use must have a listing of satellite rules attached for reference. All members will be required to sign a receipt acknowledging the attached rules.

A nonrefundable fee of $25.00 for reservation of any satellite is required. Reservations require an advance deposit of $150.00 for damages and/or staff cleaning. All or a portion of the deposit may be refunded after approval by the Social Director.


Various clubs and groups operate within the Recreation Facilities for the enjoyment or pleasure of Phase 4 residents. If you wish to form a club or a group, you must speak with the Social Director who can advise you in regard to facilities availability, limitations, etc.

In order to have use of the ballroom a club must have a minimum of 25 active members from Phase 4. Each club at the discretion of the Social Director and Board, during the off-peak months (see below) will be allowed 4 events per year. All clubs must provide the following:

1.   Name of Club or Group

2.   Officers Names -Addresses & Telephone numbers.

3.   Annual Current List of Members with addresses and telephone numbers, to be updated every year - Only owners in Phase 4 are allowed to be members of a club.

4.   Club Charter - Rules

5.   Status of Club-Non-Profit Status - If State registered - Official Club Name

6.   Club Purpose

7.   Insurance (when and as required)

**Initial ClubRequests must be approved by the Recreation Board Supervisors. All other group requests will be reviewed for approval by the Social Director and General Manager.

Under no circumstances are clubs allowed to register with any Agencies, using any Recreation Facility address.

Clubs are limited to 4 ticketed event or fundraiser during the months of April through September, to be scheduled based on the availability of the ballroom and at the discretion of the Social Director. Request for use of the ballroom must be made 30 days in advance.

The months of October through March are set aside for Recreation Board events. Outside of these months, the Recreation Social Director will decide which calendar dates are available for clubs, if any. The ability to have ticketed events/fundraisers is a privilege which the Board has the right to approve, rescind, or reject at its sole discretion.

Club special events in the Ballroom are $250.00 per event with an additional $300 deposit. Deposit may be refunded after inspection for damage and club cleanup by approval of the Social Director.

One time per year each club will be able to have 1 of the 4 events without paying the main ballroom fee of $250.00. All other expenses and rules will apply. Club events being sponsored by third parties must be approved by the Social Director at least 30 days prior to the event.

A Security guard employed by the current security firm will be paid for at Club expense at ticketed events for the duration of the event. Fire exits must not be blocked for any reason. Failure to meet these requirements will result in loss of club privileges.

Maximum capacity for use of the ballroom will be capped at 180 for club events.

Club insurance is required for ticketed paid events in the Ballroom (and satellites) Insurance must be in effect for the date of the event. In addition to club insurance, performer, bands, DJ’s, entertainers, caterers, and servers etc., must also provide insurance. Clubs will be required to obtain insurance with the minimal current coverage required by the district’s insurance carrier. In addition, the Recreation District must be named as an additional insured for all ticketed paid events/dances.

Insurance coverage must be approved by the Social Director two weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so, will result in cancellation of the event. There will be no exceptions made. Clubs are wholly responsible for any refunds due for failure to provide insurance and subsequent cancellation of event.

The Recreation Board must be presented with an accurate roster including names of both ticketed members and their guests, 5 days prior to the event. Ticket sales at the door are not allowed. Failure to provide the roster on time will result in cancellation of the event.

Monthly meetings for clubs will be held in the Clubhouse Boardroom or other space as allocated by the Board. Club or Group meetings are only for Owners in Phase 4. Monthly meetings will not be held in the ballroom. If additional paid performers appear at these meetings, the performer(s) must provide insurance with the minimal current coverage required by the district’s insurance carrier. Certificate of insurance must be submitted 10 days prior to the event for verification and approval. Club events serving hot meals at their monthly meeting will be required to rent a satellite under the satellite usage rules. Only Wine, Beer and non-alcoholic beverages and prepared foods (no warming required) are allowed in the Boardroom.

Any theatrical and/or musical clubs must meet and rehearse in Boardroom or Satellite. At the discretion of the Social Director the clubs will be allowed one dress rehearsal and show in the theater. No food or beverages are allowed in the theater and theater rules such as no dancing in the aisles, must be followed (insurance declarations will not cover injuries due to dancing in the aisles). If a musical or theatrical club is serving hot food at their meeting, then they will be required to rent a satellite under the satellite usage rules. If they are just serving Wine, Beer and non-alcoholic beverages and prepared foods (no warming required), they can also use the Clubhouse Boardroom.

Failure to abide by any of the above club rules will result in immediate suspension of club privileges.


Facility lighting equipment, ventilation systems, thermostatic controls, audio equipment, video equipment, TV’s, and ice machines may be operated ONLY by an employee of the Recreation District. Any adjustments of equipment must be made by appropriate employees. No adjustments may be made by owners/guests. The ice machine usage is regulated by the Department of Health for daily use.

ID or Guest Pass must be left with Security Guard while using equipment belonging to billiard room, and any other area when requested by a Guard.

Use of tennis courts and shuffleboard courts will require owners and guests to show ID’s when requested by Security.

GYM equipment in need of attention or repair should be noted with an OUT OF ORDER sign, as well as being reported to the main desk for scheduled repairs.

For use of gym, please follow all rules posted in the gym area. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times, no sandals are allowed. Headphones must be worn. No personal amplified music permitted.

Equipment usage is at your own risk.


All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied in the water by an adult 18 years of age or older.

·       All persons under the age 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 18 years-of-age or older at all satellite facilities.

·       There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty at any time at SLP4 pools. Swimming is at your own risk.

·       People and children requiring diapers are only allowed when using those specifically designed diapers sold for pool use.

·       No blocking pool steps.

·       No regulation sports equipment such as footballs, volley balls, basketballs, frisbee’s, tennis balls, etc. are allowed in the pool or pool areas. Nothing hard is allowed to be thrown in the pool itself.

·       No diving, jumping, or running permitted in the pool area.

·       No swimming instruction/lessons are permitted in pools.

·       No SCUBA equipment is permitted in any pool.

·       Shoes and either shirts or cover ups must be worn when entering clubhouse or satellite.

·       Swimsuits must be worn in pools. Cut-off shorts, exposed underwear, etc. are not permitted. Only water shoes are permitted in the pool.

·       Animals (except for those complying with ADA guidelines) are prohibited in all recreation areas. Animals are not allowed inside any pool.

·       Personal flotation devices are permitted in pools, limited to a maximum size of 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. Courteous use of pools may require limitations on the use of floatation devices.

·       Due to safety concerns, all pool furniture or other possible obstructions are never to be placed within safety areas and MUST be behind YELLOW LINES.

·       Music supplied by individuals must be restricted to be heard at only at your table or lounge chair. No amplifiers!

The following is NOT permitted:

·       Smoking or use of other tobacco products is prohibited, including e-cigarettes in or around any Recreation facilities.

·       Food, drinks, and all types of glass containers are not permitted in the pool area, except under canopied BBQ area at the Main Clubhouse. Non-breakable metal or plastic water bottles are permitted at poolside.

·       Anyone not following pool area rules will be asked to leave. All pools are open dawn to dusk. Please check website for monthly pool close times as well as the calendar in the monthly newsletter.


No Children under the age of 18 may be in the hot tub or main clubhouse sauna at any time.


Scheduled events, such as Recreation Main Clubhouse pool parties where seating is limited, may require restricting attendance to residents and 2 guest passes per unit. Tables and grills may not be held in advance for such events.

For everyday use of the main Clubhouse pool barbecue area, owners may reserve 2 tables (ten people per table) per gathering with a limit of 2 unrelated group reservations a day. Reservations must be made 3 days in advance with the Social Director.

All incendiary devices of any type are prohibited on Recreation premises, including but not limited to fireworks, sparklers, lanterns, etc. Deadly weapons are prohibited on premises.


Satellite use for building meetings should be reserved with the Social Director at the beginning of each month.


There are NO dogs, bikes, skateboards, roller blades or scooters allowed on the golf course at any time.


For requirements pertaining to publishing notices, advertisements, scheduling deadlines, etc., you must speak with the office staff or Social Director.

For other questions or information not covered by rules or for policies included here, please confer with the Social Director or General Manager for guidelines.

Some items related to the Recreation District are governed by policies in addition to general rules listed in this document.


There is no overnight parking on Recreation property except with the approval of the Board Chair or Social Director.

No commercial vehicles will be allowed to park overnight. Failure to abide, will result in vehicle being towed as per District’s Towing Policy.


At the Recreation Board Meeting on February 21,  2023 the Rec Board adopted the following:

·       Motion to Approve Wine, Beer & Prepared Foods in Multipurpose Room.

·       Motion to Approve R&R to – “Main Clubhouse Guests Under The Age of 18 Must be Accompanied by an Adult.”

 At the Recreation Board Meeting on September 19, 2023 the Rec Board  Adopted Addnendum as noted on dcoument.

Rules & Regulations January 2024.pdf
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