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Multi Cultural Activity Club 3/31/23 Grand Opening Meeting❣️

image from the 1st Multi Cultural Activities Group Meeting

Recap of Friday March 31st, 2023 Grand Opening Meeting

 1) Meeting call to Order at 6:17 PM.  All Attendees were Welcome by Sunita Azore [President and Founder of MCAC]. {Multi Cultural Activity Club}.

2) A minute of silence was held for children.

3) About MCAC 

  • ~☆ The President & Founder Introduction.
  • ~☆  My Mission Statement ~ My Purpose and Goal ~ "To Celebrate Unity in Diversity, with different Cultures. Share, Teach and Learn about Activities and Entertainment from all Countries and Islands around the world"
  • ~☆  Countries & Islands Current members are from: Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 , Guyana 🇬🇾 , Haiti 🇭🇹 , Jamaica 🇯🇲 , Peru 🇵🇪 , Pakistan 🇵🇰 , Suriname 🇸🇷 , Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 USA 🇺🇸 and Venezuela 🇻🇪 .
  • ~☆  Membership is only for Residents of Sunrise Lakes Phase 1V. And after March 31st the membership is Fifteen Dollars Annually.
  • ~☆  Going forward all residents who are non-members can attend a meeting by showing their SLP4 ID Card and paying Five Dollars.

4) All attendees were given the opportunity to Introduce themselves & share knowledge about their Countries & Islands.

5) Assistant Treasurer addressed MCAC Members and other residents that were in attendance.

6) The President extended thanks to "Hazra Boodooram" a published Author who I met at the Annual Holi Festival who took the time to assist me in the preparation of five documents to effectively function in the daily operation of MCAC.  Also thank you was extended to Arlene & Claudia for assisting in the logo and the first ad that was in March Magazine. And to Yvonne for all the good hard work she does for the Recreation District and all the clubs and groups that are there.

7)  List of possible Future Activities and Events was Presented by the President.

  • ~☆   Fundraising for Nonprofits.
  • ~☆   Theme Parties 🥳 
  • ~☆   Theme Luncheons
  • ~☆   Outside Activities
  • ~☆   Open Forum for Cultural Activities & Others.

Also Everyone was informed that Pavilion number seven in Welleby Park has been reserved for A patlock birthday party on July 30th (thirtieth) 2023. For all members whose Birthdays are in January to July. Please RSVP by 7/7/2023. Thank you. (I do have 14 RSVP already so that leaves 60 spots)

8)  Claudia discussed with MCAC attendees about the pricing of tickets for future events. And remind them that we still need some volunteers for the Board of Directors.

9)  Assistant treasurer Yvonne discusses sponsorship and other relevant topics.  And answer questions attendees had also discussed meeting timings for the future.. (eg. One month the timings can be set earlier in the day and another month later in the day.)

10) Everyone partakes in food and drinks and mixes and mingles.

11)  Videos and photos were taken.

12)  President & Founder of MCAC signed up two new members and Assistant Treasurer Yvonne signed up five new members. While some attendees assisted in tidying and organizing the room back to normal. And everyone leaves. The End❣️

Please Note:- Prior to our first meeting, MCAC had twenty eight members.  And after the meeting, with the seven new members, we ended the day with a total of thirty five members. 


Warm Regards, 


Sunita Azore 

President & Founder of MCAC 

Multi Cultural Activity Club 

954-336-3704 or 954-326-5888

1) Please reply to me directly if you are interested in being on the Board of Directors ASAP.  We have open positions for Vice President,  Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer.

2) Currently we have the third Fridayof every month at 6 PM for our monthly meetings. But  Please let us know how many of you would like the meeting to be on a

  • Friday at 3 PM or 6 PM 
  • Saturday at 3 PM or 5 PM 
  • Sunday at 3 PM or 5 PM

"All you need to enjoy Multicultural Activities is a Happy Heart ❤️ and a Open Mind"

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